High Speed Internet

Plans & Rates


For the best online experience, connect to the very best network! Innovative delivers speeds that keep up with you, and local support that’s always here for you.

  • Fast, reliable speeds
  • No contracts
  • No data limits



Our state-of-the-art EVO network brings you the fastest residential speeds in the Territory.
Do more and enjoy more with amazing speed and no limits.

Speed (Mbps)DescriptionPrice Per Month
12.0 Connect with everyone! Ideal for homes with multiple users with various devices and needs. $79.95
6.0 Dreaming of streaming? Best for streaming and downloading movies across a few devices. $69.99
3.0 Super surfer! Best choice for surfing the web, sending email, social media, streaming audio. $59.95
1.5 Budget-friendly choice for checking email and light web surfing. $49.95


To find out if EVO is already available in your area call 774-2000 or click here for an updated list of locations.
Upload and download speeds may vary.



Installation costs may vary depending whether your home is wired or unwired.

Some installation situations may also result in additional charges.

Our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives can help you determine this cost.

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